Overview Effect Experience


ワールドの最大人数: 80人
ワールドの内容:Quest対応 |
Click on the START button to watch the animation | The Overview Effect Experience is designed for VR events provided by Together with TRIPP․ The space presents a VR animated simulation of the phenomenon known as The Overview Effect‚ defined by the space philosopher prof․ Frank White․ We take the position of the entire human kind as we try to understand the precious value of our planet and how can we help Earth and ourself to survive in a better way․ | Executive Producer˸ Nanea Reeves & TRIPP | Together with TRIPP | Design concept by VRium Creative Team website˸ vrium․io | Art direction & graphic design˸ ShuShu | Immersive animation‚ design & shaders˸ Niko Lang | Sound design by David Starfire | DOP˸ Carlos Austin | Creative Director and meditation Guide˸ Jeremy Nickel | Text & Voice Over by space philosopher Frank White (frankwhiteauthor․com)| VRChat group˸ Together with TRIPP | TRIPP․3947 | TRIPP website˸ tripp․com

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