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カテゴリ:アドベンチャー | 景観
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Long time ago‚ there was a fantastical kingdom that flourished under the guidance of the warrior priestess Asthoria‚ a legendary figure who embodied the balance of power and wisdom․ But a terrible cataclysm struck the realm‚ reducing it to ruin and causing the petrification of its valiant giant warriors․ Now‚ the kingdom lies in ruins‚ dominated by the enormous flying whales that soar around the ruins of ancient palaces․ But not all is lost˸ it is said that the last surviving faithful to Asthoria have hidden her avatar in a secret temple‚ inside a crypt․ To reach this place and free the warrior priestess's avatar‚ you must explore the ruins of the kingdom‚ searching for clues and solving puzzles․ Only the bravest and most skilled adventurers will be able to overcome all the challenges and reach the secret temple․ It is suggested to use the headset in VR mode․ A world by @metamorphosiVR || Concept & level design @Hellghorn‚ Nicola Buttari ||Concept & original music by @_metaveo‚ Andrea Serrapiglio

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