MormoVerse˸ Under the pillow [ENG⁄ JPN⁄ RUS]


ワールドの最大人数: 40人
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Welcome to MormoVerse ⁄ モルモバースへようこそ!⁄ Добро пожаловать в МормоВерс ⁄⁄ Venice Immersive Best of World 2024 Selection ⁄⁄ - the magical cross-platform world under the pillow inside an old sofaǃ The world is based on animation film about handmade toy Kitten Mormitten‚ whose avatar you can pick up and go on adventures‚ following the story of the kitten and his friends․ This fairy tale was written by creator's father over 30 years ago‚ but it is still touching the hearts of kids and children inside each of us․ MormoVerse is a Raindance Immersive 2023 Best Immersive Narrative winner ⁄⁄ Kaboom Animation Festival nominee․ More adventures coming soonǃ Now Spotlight˸ Cross-platformworldǃ Now - in English‚ Japanese and Russian versionsǃ

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